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    Software Production Process Glossary



    A version of the software which is created for either testing or release to customers.


    Each piece of work to be completed is stored in the Jira issue tracking system, and is referred to as a "Jira" or "Jira Issue".


    A version of the software which is made available for installation to the live environment.

    Release Cycle

    A collection of one or more sprints, plus a testing period and a release of the resulting software. The precise number of sprints and format of the testing week(s) is different depending on the product being released.


    A controlled deployment of a new version of the software. This is mainly applicable to e-commerce.


    A block of time allocated to a particular block of work. In CitrusLime, the sprint is two weeks long. At the start of the sprint, the developers, product owner, and sprint master meet to agree the set of Jiras which will be worked on in that sprint.

    At the end of the sprint, all the Jiras should be complete.

    Sprint Meeting

    Meeting at the start of the sprint to confirm the list of work to be completed.

    Rollout Date

    The date on which the software will be rolled out to customers sites. For CloudPOS this is a single installation. For e-commerce, a staged rollout is completed where sites are rolled out in a particular order, and with testing after the first site is updated.



    A release which is not included in the main release schedule. This will be created in reaction to a particular problem or requirement which needs addressing before the next main release.


    A release defined on the main release schedule - roughly one every 8 weeks, but this does change throughout the year.

    DLL Types


    A set of DLLs which is used for early testing of features, and which will not be released to customers sites.

    Release Candidate

    A set of DLLs which is used to be tested, and signed-off, and then rolled out to customers sites. This can be a main or hotpatch release.


    The final version of this iteration of the software which will be installed everywhere it is required.

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